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December 01: Read about NTRC Therapeutics translational science platforms and drug discovery projects at www.ntrctx.com.

New website on small molecules for precision oncology: www.ntrctx.com

Oss, December 01, Targeted therapies exploit unique features of tumor cells, thereby permitting cancer specificity, while having limited effects on healthy cells. The goal of NTRC Therapeutics is to discover precision medicines and to find mechanistic hypotheses before entering the clinic. NTRC Therapeutics uses cutting edge translational science to gain mechanistic understanding of the efficacy of investigational drug candidates. The insights concerning sensitive patient populations and drug-target interactions drive an informed approach to clinical development.
Please visit www.ntrctx.com to learn more about the science platforms and projects on small molecules for targeted anti-cancer therapy.

NTRC is a precision medicine company dedicated to discovering new anti cancer drug candidates. We help you to find a mechanistic hypothesis before entering the clinic. We can study a wide range of cancer cells, primary patient material and immune cells in vitro, in isolation and in coculture, after exposure to monotherapy and combination therapy. In addition, we perform in-depth mechanistic analyses in cells and by biophysical methods, such as Biacore and LC-MS/MS.  Keywords are: Quality. Flexibility. Short Turnaround Time.