Despite significant advances made in the treatment of cancer through the past decades, many new therapeutic entities fail in the clinical research phase. To accelerate your drug development process and improve patient treatment, the identification of relevant biomarkers is of key importance. Among the different types of biomarkers, predictive drug response biomarkers allow for definition of the target patient population, whereas pharmacodynamic biomarkers can aid in monitoring of drug target engagement.

Join us for an expert discussion of how novel biomarkers can be identified for targeted therapies and immunotherapies, with a focus on discovery of predictive and target engagement biomarkers.

What You Will Learn

  • Identification of predictive drug response biomarkers
  • Comparative profiling of small molecule oncology drugs
  • Discovery of biomarkers for cancer immunotherapy



Guido Zaman, Ph.D.
Managing Director and Founder


Yvonne Grobben, M.Sc.
Senior Research Scientist



Janneke Melis, M.Sc.
Account Manager

Oncolines Hosts Webinar: Biomarkers for Patient Stratification & Target Engagement

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About Oncolines
Oncolines is a precision medicine services company in oncology and cancer immunotherapy. Through cancer cell panel profiling, we identify predictive drug response biomarkers, new disease indications, and synergistic drug combinations. This data is presented in a unique interactive reporting format to facilitate easier and faster interpretation of results. To investigate the mechanism of action of compounds we perform gene and protein expression analysis and conduct DNA and RNA sequencing. By sharing our knowledge in cancer drug development, we help researchers move their projects to the clinic faster.