Combination Matrix

Combination Matrix Characteristics

  • Synergy testing using dose-response curves of both compounds
  • Efficient way to test multiple combinations
  • Measurements in quadruplicate
  • Bliss Independence Scores are calculated for each condition
  • Visualization of synergy via gradient in matrices.
Combination Matrix

The combination matrix shows the best effect of your lead compound in combination with another compound. Your compound will be diluted in a six-points dose range and tested against six doses of the reference compound. In addition, the single dose-response curve of each inhibitor is included in the matrix. The inhibition in proliferation will be determined for each concentration and will be compared to the inhibition observed when compounds are tested as single agents. Differences in inhibition between combination and single agent are calculated as the Bliss Independence Score. A score higher than 0 indicates a synergistic effect. Bliss Independence Scores will be reported for each concentration in the matrix. The sum of Bliss scores and highest Bliss score are reported per matrix.