Helping to Bring Improved and Novel Therapies to the Right Patient Population Faster

Access Cancer Cell
Line Proliferation Assays to
Identify Predictive Drug
Response Biomarkers


Apply Combination Studies
to Identify
Novel Synergies


Use Cell-Based Assays
to Determine
Mechanism of Action


New bioinformatics service

Oncolines launches ProteomicsProfiler Figure (A) Scatterplots of basal gene and protein expression levels for EGFR (left, strongly [...]

Premium Benefits of Oncolines Precision Medicine Services: Cell-Based Assays, Drug Combinations, High-Throughput Screening

  • Integration of cancer biology and big data analysis

  • Identification of patient selection markers

  • Side-by-side comparison with known anti-cancer agents

  • Discovery of targeted and novel synergistic drug combinations

  • Science-driven technology platforms

  • Short turnaround times

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