SynergyScreen™ Characteristics

  • High-throughput unbiased in vitro screen

  • Identifies possible synergistic drug classes of your lead compound
  • Flexibility in number of anti-cancer reference agents and cell lines
  • Visualization of synergy by curve shift (IC50)
  • Reproducibility of synergistic hits is covered by independent repeat experiments before finalization of the study.
SynergyScreen™ example
SynergyScreen™ example

SynergyScreen™ is a large combinatorial screen in which your compound will be screened against a panel of 42 representative agents. The 42 anti-cancer agents each represent a group of compounds acting on the same target or by a similar molecular mechanism. Your compound will be added as a fixed dose to the full dose-response curve of the reference agent. The dose-response curve of the reference agent alone will be taken along as well. Synergy will be determined via curve-shift analysis. When an IC50 shift larger than 2 is observed, an independent repeat experiment will be performed to confirm the synergistic hit.

Anti-Cancer Reference Library

More than 190 anti-cancer reference agents have been profiled on the Oncolines® cancer cell line panel. Pre-profiled anti-cancer drugs include standards of care but also clinical stage candidates and experimental therapeutics. IC50 profiles of the anti-cancer reference agents are compared and the correlation is visualized in the clustering wheel. Based on the clustering, drug classes with a similar mechanism of action can be identified. Oncolines has selected 42 anti-cancer agents representing the different drug classes to be used in the SynergyScreen™. This selection is flexible: reference agents can easily be added or swapped. Oncolines is happy to assist you in selecting suitable reference agents for your study.

Combination index analysis (CI) for the combination of a PI3-kinase and MEK inhibitor. Circles represent experimentally determined CI values (Chou Talalay method).
Clustering wheel showing the hierarchical clustering of all compounds that have been profiled on the Oncolines® panel. Red dots indicates that compound is selected as one of the 42 representatives included in the SynergyScreen™.