Oncolines® Proliferation Assays and Biomarker Discovery

Helping you to find a mechanistic hypothesis for entering the clinic

The activity of your compound is determined by proliferation assays on a cancer cell line panel of 102 tumor cell lines. The drug response data are subjected to bioinformatics analysis to help you determine patient stratification markers for clinical trials. We have full commercial licences from the ATCC for use of the cell lines. The bioinformatics analysis is available for proliferation data from the Oncolines® cancer cell line panel as well as proliferation data that have been generated elsewhere.

Oncolines® Characteristics

  • Oncolines® are proliferation assays

  • A cancer cell line panel of 102 cell lines

  • Bioinformatics can be added to find response biomarkers

  • Bioinformatics analysis is also available for your internal cancer cell line panel data

The Bioinformatics Analysis consists of:

  • Gene mutation analysis for biomarker discovery

  • Tissue sensitivity analysis to determine relevant disease areas

  • Gene expression analysis to identify biological pathways involved in drug sensitivity

  • Comparative analysis with 180 anti cancer drugs.