Oncolines™ Cancer Cell Line Panel

Human Tumor Cell Lines in the Oncolines™ Panel – 102 Cell Lines

Hematologic cell lines are indicated with an asterisk

Cell Line

Cancer Type

Tissue Origin

5637 Bladder carcinoma Bladder
769P Renal cell adenocarcinoma Kidney
786O, 786.O, RCC_7860, RCC 7860, 7860, 786-0WT Renal cell adenocarcinoma Kidney
A172, A-172 M, A-172MG Glioblastoma Central Nervous System
A204 Rhabdomyosarcoma Soft tissue
A375, A375-MEL, A375mel Malignant melanoma Skin
A 388 Epidermoid carcinoma Skin
A427 Lung carcinoma Lung (NSCLC)
A498 Renal carcinoma Kidney
A549, NCI-A549, hA549 Lung carcinoma Lung (NSCLC)
A704, A.704 Kidney adenocarcinoma Kidney
ACHN Renal cell adenocarcinoma Kidney
AN3CA, AN-3, AN3, Acanthosis Nigricans 3rd attempt-CArcinoma Endometrium adenocarcinoma Uterus
AsPC1, As-PC1 Ductal carcinoma Pancreas
AU565 Breast adenocarcinoma Breast
BT20 Breast carcinoma, triple negative breast
BT549, BT.549 Breast ductal carcinoma, triple negative
breast cancer
BxPC3, Bx-PC3, Biopsy xenograft of Pancreatic Carcinoma line-3 Pancreas adenocarcinoma Pancreas
C33A, C-33A, C33 Cervix carcinoma Cervix
CAL27, Centre Antoine Lacassagne-27 Squamous cell carcinoma Head and Neck
CCFSTTG1, STTG1 Astrocytoma Central Nervous System
CCRFCEM*, CCRF/CEM, CCRF.CEM, CEM-CCRF (CAMR), CCRF/CEM/0, CEM/0, CEM-0, CCRF-CEM/S, GM03671, GM03671C Lymphoblastic leukemia Lymphoid
COLO205, Co 205, COLO.205 Colorectal adenocarcinoma Colon
COLO829 Malignant melanoma Skin
Daoy, D324 Med, D-324 Med, D-324MED, D324 Medulloblastoma Central Nervous System
DB* Non Hodgkin lymphoma Lymphoid
DLD1, CoCL3 Colon adenocarcinoma Colon
DoTc2 4510 Cervix Carcinoma Cervix
DU145, DU_145, Duke University 145 Prostate carcinoma Prostate
DU 4475, Duke University 4475 Triple negative breast cancer Breast
ES2 Ovarian clear cell adenocarcinoma Ovary
FaDu Squamous cell carcinoma Head and Neck
G361, G361-mel, G361mel Melanoma Skin
HCT116, HCT.116, HCT_116, CoCL2 Colorectal carcinoma Colon
HCT15 Colorectal adenocarcinoma Colon
HL60* Acute myeloid leukemia Myeloid
Hs578T, Hs_578t, Hs-578-T, Hs 578.T, HS0578T, 578T, HS578, Homo sapiens No. 578, tumor cells Breast carcinoma, triple negative breast
Hs746T, Hs 746.T, Hs746-T, 746T Gastric carcinoma Stomach
Hs766T, Hs 766.T, Hs-766-T, H766T, 766T, Hs 766 Pancreatic carcinoma Pancreas
HT* Non Hodgkin lymphoma Lymphoid
HT1080, HT 1080.T Fibrosarcoma Soft tissue
HuTu80 Adenocarcinoma Colon
J 82, J82COT, J82 COT Transitional cell carcinoma Bladder
JAR Choriocarcinoma Uterus
JurkatE6-1*, Clone E6-1, Jurkat E-6.1, Jurkat E-61, J.E6-1 Lymphoblastic leukemia Lymphoid
K562*, GM05372, GM05372E Chronic myeloid leukemia Myeloid
KATOIII, KATO 3, KATO3, JTC-28, Japanese Tissue Culture-28 Gastric carcinoma Stomach
KG1* Acute myeloid leukemia Myeloid
KLE Adenocarcinoma Uterus
KU 812*, KU.812 Chronic myeloid leukemia Myeloid
LNCaP-Clone-FGC, LNCaP.FGC Prostate carcinoma Prostate
LoVo Colorectal adenocarcinoma Colon
LS174T, LS-174-T, LS-174; LS174 Colorectal adenocarcinoma Colon
LS411N, LS411, LS 411 Dukes’ type B, colorectal carcinoma Colon
MCF 7, MCF.7, Michigan Cancer Foundation-7, ssMCF-7, MCF7/WT, IBMF-7 , Breast adenocarcinoma Breast
Me Wo, SK-MEL-MeWo, Mevo, BI-Mel, EST50 Malignant melanoma Skin
MG63, M-G63 Osteosarcoma Bone
MIAPaCa2, MIA-Pa-Ca-2, MIA PaCa2; MiaPaCa-2, MiaPaca.2, PaCa2 Carcinoma Pancreas
MOLT4*, MOLT.4, GM02219, GM02219C; GM2219C, GM02219D Lymphoblastic leukemia Lymphoid
NCC IT Teratocarcinoma Testis
NCIH460, NCI.H460, NCI-HUT-460 Large cell lung carcinoma Lung (NSCLC)
NCIH661, H 661 Large cell lung cancer Lung (NSCLC)
NCIH82, NCI H 82, H82sclc Small cell lung carcinoma Lung
OVCAR3, NIH:OVCAR-3, NIHOVCAR3, OVCAR.3 Ovary adenocarcinoma Ovary
PA1, PAI, PA I Ovary teratocarcinoma Ovary
PC3, PC.3 Adenocarcinoma Prostate
PFSK1, PFSK Primitive neuroectodermal tumor Central Nervous System
R D, RD-2, 130T, 130-T, TE-32, TE32, TE 32.T Embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma Soft tissue
RKO Colon carcinoma Colon
RL* Non-Hodgkin lymphoma Lymphoid
RL952, RL-95-2, RL-952, RL95 Endometrium carcinoma Uterus
RPMI7951, Roswell Park Memorial Institute 7951 Malignant melanoma Skin
RS4 11*, RS4:11, RS(4;11), RS411 Lymphoblastic leukemia Lymphoid
RT 4, RT4P Bladder papilloma Bladder
SHP77, Shadyside Hospital Pittsburgh-77 Small cell lung carcinoma Lung
SJCRH 30, RH30, RH-30, RH30SJ, SJRH-30, SJRH30, SJ-RH30, SJ-Rh 30, RC13, RMS 13, RMS13 Rhabdomyosarcoma Soft tissue
SKNAS, SKN AS Neuroblastoma Peripheral Nervous System
SKNFI, SK_N_FI, SK-N-F1, SKNF1 Neuroblastoma Peripheral Nervous System
SNU5, NCI-SNU-5 Gastric carcinoma Stomach
SNUC2B, NCI-SNU-C2B Colorectal carcinoma Colon
SR-786*, SR786 Non Hodgkin lymphoma Lymphoid
SUDHL1*, SU-DHL1, SUDHL-1, Stanford University-Diffuse Histiocytic Lymphoma-1 Non Hodgkin lymphoma Lymphoid
SUDHL6*, SU-DHL6, SUDHL-6, SUD6, Stanford University-Diffuse Histiocytic Lymphoma-6, DHL-6, DHL6 Non Hodgkin lymphoma Lymphoid
SUPT1*, SUPT-1, SUP T-1, Tsup-1, VB, Stanford University Pediatric T-cell line 1 Lymphoblastic leukemia Lymphoid
SW 48 Colorectal adenocarcinoma Colon
SW 480, SW480E Colorectal adenocarcinoma Colon
SW 620, SW.620 Colorectal adenocarcinoma Colon
SW 626 Adenocarcinoma Colon
SW 837 Adenocarcinoma Colon
SW 872 Liposarcoma Soft tissue
SW 900 Squamous cell carcinoma Lung (NSCLC)
SW 948 Colorectal adenocarcinoma Colon
SW 982 Synovial sarcoma Soft tissue
T 24 Transitional cell carcinoma Bladder
T 98 G, T98 G, T 98G Glioblastoma multiforma Central Nervous System
TCC SUP Bladder carcinoma Bladder
THP1*, THPI, Tohoku Hospital Pediatrics-1 Acute myeloid leukemia Myeloid
MTC-TT Thyroid carcinoma Thyroid
U118MG, U-118 MG, U118, 118 MG, 118MG Glioblastoma Central Nervous System
U2OS, U 2OS, U2 OS, U20-S, U20S, 2T Osteosarcoma Bone
U87MG, U-87MG, U87 MG, U-87, U87, 87 MG, 87MG Glioblastoma; astrocytoma Central Nervous System
VAESBJ Epithelioid sarcoma Soft tissue

All cell stocks are within 10 passages; no IC50extrapolation; 9 dose points, in duplicate (√10 dilutions); 384-wells, automated liquid handling; recognition of bi-phasic curves; cells are cultured in the ATCC recommended media; continuous monitoring of cell growth statistics; commercial licences for all cell lines; additional cell lines available.