Many cancer treatments are combination therapies. Combining drugs can improve therapy response, prevent drug resistance, or reduce toxicity. This June, Oncolines hosted a webinar discussing the different approaches available to identify new synergistic drug combinations and the various advantages and disadvantages of each. Our aim is to aid cancer researchers and drug developers, whether working in commercial or academic settings, in selecting the optimal platform for each combination therapy to ensure the development process proceeds smoothly and effectively, delivering the most accurate and timely results possible.

What You Will Learn

  • The experimental setup of the three different synergy platforms: SynergyFinder™,  SynergyScreen™,  and the combination matrix
  • How to select the most suitable cell line for your experiments
  • How to select anti-cancer agents for combinations
  • The advantages and possibilities of each platform
  • How to choose the right platform
  • How to translate findings from cell lines to the clinic


Research Scientist and Account Manager, Janneke Melis, MSc in Biomedical Sciences.


Guido Zaman, Managing Director and Founder of Oncolines B.V., Ph.D. in Science.

Webinar - How to Select the Best Platform for Testing Drug Combinations

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About Oncolines
Oncolines is a precision medicine services company in oncology and cancer immunotherapy. Through cancer cell panel profiling, we identify predictive drug response biomarkers, new disease indications, and synergistic drug combinations. This data is presented in a unique interactive reporting format to facilitate easier and faster interpretation of results. To investigate the mechanism of action of compounds we perform gene and protein expression analysis and conduct DNA and RNA sequencing. By sharing our knowledge in cancer drug development, we help researchers move their projects to the clinic faster.