visual of ASH2020
November 30: Join us at ASH2020 for two oral presentations on December 7th, by Jordy van der Zwet and Valentina Cordo.

Combination therapies for T-ALL presented at ASH2020

Oss, November 30, 2020 – Jordy van der Zwet and Valentina Cordo (affilitation: Prinses Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology) will have oral presentations at the ASH Annual Meeting 2020 on December 7th, in sessions 605 and 802 respectively.

Jordy will present on ‘The central role of MAPK-ERK signalling in IL7-dependent and IL7-independent steroid resistance reveals a broad application of MEK-inhibitors compared to JAK1/2-inhibition in T-ALL. The abstract can be found here.

The title of Valentina’s presentation is ‘Phospho-proteomic profiling of T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia identifies targetable kinase activities and novel treatment combination strategies’. Please click here for the abstract.

NTRC is proud to be co-author of these presentations.

NTRC is a precision medicine company dedicated to discovering new anti cancer drug candidates. We help you to find a mechanistic hypothesis before entering the clinic. We can study a wide range of cancer cells, primary patient material and immune cells in vitro, in isolation and in coculture, after exposure to monotherapy and combination therapy. In addition, we perform in-depth mechanistic analyses in cells and by biophysical methods, such as Biacore and LC-MS/MS.  Keywords are: Quality. Flexibility. Short Turnaround Time.