NTRC will expand its laboratory space
May 04, 2020: NTRC’s new laboratory space for Mechanistic Cell Biology.

Additional Laboratory Space for Molecular Biology Services

Oss, May, 4th, 2020 – Happy to announce that NTRC is expanding the biology labs with a new lab for molecular biology, dedicated to services in the field of gene expression, protein expression and DNA sequencing. The services provide in vitro proof of concept data to progress your compound towards the clinic. Modulation of biological pathways and target proteins is determined via custom-based assays as described under Mechanistic Cell Biology. Our cancer biologists and immunologists are in close contact with the sponsor to determine the most suitable assay format for the study and share scientific insights.

NTRC is a precision medicine company dedicated to discovering new anti cancer drug candidates. It is our mission to help you finding a mechanistic hypothesis before entering the clinic. We provide cell-based profiling services, target residence time measurements and biochemical profiling. We can study a wide range of cancer cells, primary patient material and immune cells in vitro, in isolation and in coculture, after exposure to monotherapy and combination therapy. Keywords are: Quality. Flexibility. Short Turnaround Time.